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Take the chance to get to know Stockholm from a different perspective – explore the wonderful nature that surrounds the capital of Sweden together with the nature guides of Greater Stockholm. The guides are part of the Stockholm branch of the largest environmental organization in Sweden, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).


Saturday 19th october 2019
Swedish Nature and Stockholm Royal National City Park
Take a guided tour of the Stockholm’s Royal National City Park with nature guide Robert O´Dwyer. Get to know about Swedish nature and history and the Swedes love for their nature.
For tourists, English speaking students, researchers and people with a general interest in nature. No pre-registration.
Bring some fika
Start at 11.00 metrostation Universitetet.
About 4 km, 3 hours
Cost 100 SEK


All guides are authorized by Stockholm Visitors Board and have at least a university degree in biology, ecology, geology or similar. Some of them are also authorized in English.

You are welcomed to join already scheduled excursions (though normally in swedish), ir you can book your own excursion by contacting Maria Bergström who is the manager of the guide program.

But you can also get to know the wonderful area that surrounds the city of Stockholm on your own. Just outside of the city you will find vast and beautiful forests, large open meadows full with flowers, lakes and much more. Ancient monuments and remains from settlements are demonstrations of the exciting history of the area. The history is also revealed in the landscape that has been molded by people since the Stone Age.
The County Administrative Board of Stockholm provides you with information in:
Outings Guide to 33 Protected Natural Areas in Stockholm County

Contact information: e-mail, phone  +46-70-6380712.